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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the policy making body of the library. The Board is comprised of seven residents of the Lemont Library District, elected at two-year intervals to serve a four year term. Library trustee is an unpaid, volunteer position.

Click on a trustee’s name below for contact information. You may also email Library Director Heather Shlah with your questions or comments.

Meet Your Trustees:

Vytenis P. Kirvelaitis – President

Patricia Camalliere – Vice President

Michaeline Skibinski – Treasurer

Catherine Sanders – Secretary

Renee Pravdik – Trustee

Melanie Grzesik-Duffy -- Trustee

Laura Burt-Nicholas -- Trustee

Board Meetings: The Board of Trustees meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Library Learning Center, 50 E. Wend St.  These meetings are open to the public.

Meeting notices are published here and on the legal notices board in the Library lobby at least 48 hours prior to the meeting in compliance with the

Please address all correspondence to: Lemont Public Library District Board of Trustees 50 E. Wend Street Lemont, IL  60439.

Email us at

PDF iconBoard Committees: The Board of Trustees participate in sub-committees devoted to the betterment of our library initiatives. These sub-committees meet monthly. 

PDF iconLibrary Trustee Candidate Courtesy Packet.pdf

Freedom of Information Act

The Library complies with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/). A brief description of the Library, an organizational chart, types of information available and the methods of requesting information are posted in the library facility and available through the library website

Requests for information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act should be submitted to the Library’s appointed FOIA Officer. Use of Appendix N, Freedom of Information Request form, is preferred but not mandatory. The FOIA Officer is responsible for receiving FOIA requests and sending responses in compliance with FOIA.

Approved, Library Board of Trustees - February 11, 2010


Freedom of Information Act Requests

Library Board Sponsorship Campaign

An Investment in Your Library is an Investment in Your Community!

The Library Board of Trustees recently launched a sponsorship campaign to help augment library finances and ensure that our Library continues to be one of the leading libraries in our area. Lemont Library is funded primarily by local property taxes and has one of the lowest budgets for operating expenses of any Chicago-area library. Your assistance will ensure that the library continues to be the premier community destination and a resource for all Lemont residents for years to come. It will afford us the ability to expand free programs and classes in literacy, art, music and science for children and teens, continue educational and entertaining programs and technology classes for adults, invest in ongoing technology updates, and provide enhancements to the Library campus. The Library continues to adapt and grow to meet the changing expectations of our community. Library usage statistics demonstrate that the public library continues to be a vital, highly utilized, community resource, even in the age of digital resources.  In FY 2015, library card holders increased by 6.7%; There were more than 10,000 visits to the library per month, attendance at free library programs and classes increased by 16%, and the number of materials (both print and digital) increased by almost 7.0%.


A select number of sponsorships are available for a five year period. A limited number of spaces, including the Event Space, Learning Center, Collaboration Studios and Study Rooms, can be named for a sponsor. Each sponsorship includes appropriate recognition with a plaque and/or other signage, acknowledgement in digital and print media, access to special events and more.
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Library Policies

Library Policies

PDF icon3D Printing Policy Approved 12/13/2022

PDF iconAlcohol Policy

Approved 09/13/2022

PDF iconAuthority to Spend Policy


PDF iconBuilding Maintenance Plan

Approved 10/08/2009

PDF iconBuildings & Grounds

Approved 10/08/2009

PDF iconCapital Asset Policy

Approved 08/09/2022

PDF iconCirculation Policy

Approved 11/08/2022

PDF iconCode of Conduct

Approved 09/13/2022

PDF iconCollection Development Policy Approved 07/22/2021
PDF iconCommunity Bulletin Board Approved 12/13/2022
PDF iconComputer Use Policy  
PDF iconConfidentiality Of Library Records Approved 11/08/2022
PDF iconCredit Card Policy Approved 08/09/2022
PDF iconFinancial Policy Approved 11/19/2020
PDF iconFreedom Of Information Act Policy Approved 11/08/2022
PDF iconFOIA Request Form Approved 11/08/2022

PDF iconFund Balance Policy

PDF iconGift Policy Approved 02/09/2021
PDF iconInternet Safety Policy Approved 07/13/2021
PDF iconInvestment Policy Approved 10/13/2020
PDF iconLocal Author Submission Form  
PDF iconMaterial Reconsideration Form Approved 03/14/2023
PDF iconMaterials Selection Policy  
PDF iconParental Consent Form  
PDF iconPhotography and Filming Policy Approved 12/13/2022
PDF iconPrint Copy Fax Scan Services Approved 11/08/2022
PDF iconProhibiting Sexual Harassment  
PDF iconRoom Use Policy

Approved 10/11/2022

PDF iconRoom Use Fee Schedule Approved 10/11/2022
PDF iconSecurity Cameras Approved 11/08/2022
PDF iconSocial Media Policy Approved 12/13/2022
PDF iconTeen Lounge Use Approved 11/08/2022
PDF iconTutoring Policy Approved 09/13/2022

PDF iconUnsupervised Children Policy

Approved 09/13/2022

PDF iconVolunteer Policy Approved 12/13/2022
PDF iconVulnerable Adults Approved 11/08/2022


Current Prevailing Wages – Cook County, IL
PDF iconPrevailing Wage Resolution No. 

PDF iconNon-Resident Library Card Fee Resolution 2018-2019–3

PDF iconOrdinance 2014/2015-01

Questions regarding library policies and legal documents should be addressed to:

Lemont Public Library District
Board of Trustees
50 E. Wend Street
Lemont, IL  60439